Attention Title I Parents,
The Los Angeles Unified School District's Parent Involvement Policy, the 186th Street Parent Involvement Policy, and our School-Parent Compact will be mailed by November 30, 2017 via U.S. mail.  If you do not receive the parent policies and the compact, please feel free to contact the school at (310) 324-1153 for another copy.
A Note from Our Principal...
Dear Parents,
The new semester is well on its way and we are starting to prepare for all of the upcoming State testing programs. Our fifth grade students will take the California Fitness Test from February 1 st through March 16 th and the California Standards Test (CST) for Science from April 9 th to April 13 th .

Our second grade students will take the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) in March to measure our students cognitive abilities for the Gifted and Talented Program. Our third through fifth grade students will take the Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC) in April and May. This test will be done on computers and it is very challenging. We are having our students take the SBAC practice tests and the SBAC Interim Assessments to allow them to get use to this format of testing before the real tests begin. Therefore, we are fine tuning our instructional practices, holding all students accountable for their learning, and keeping our expectation high. Our goal is to maximize our students’ learning with a constant focus on the academic standards. In order to achieve our academic goals, we need the students’ undivided attention. They must come to school, every day, ready to learn.

Our staff is committed to giving their best and we want our students to fully commit to giving their best too. We are trying to minimize the distractions to maximize the learning. Please have a conversation with your child each day to find out what he or she learned during the school day. Sometimes, you will be able to judge if he or she was engaged in the learning process, or not paying attention in class. We are all in this quest for excellence together. It’s all hands on deck to produce the results of improved student achievement. Please continue to stress good citizenship every day.

As we enter the last four months of school, I would like to remind all parents of our school policies and request your full support.

 Students need to arrive at school by 8:00 a.m. and no earlier than 7:30 a.m. When students arrive at school after
8:06 a.m., they are missing instruction and are disrupting the lessons for the other students in the class.

 Students who are sick, running a fever, or have an upset stomach need to stay home. When students come to school
sick, they are not ready to learn, and the other students in the class become ill also.

 When a student returns to school after being sick, the parent is required to send a note. The school is required to
keep these absence notes for three years.
Preparation for School

 Students who are tired are not ready for school. Please make sure that your student has plenty of rest. When children
are well rested, they are ready to learn.

 Students are assigned homework as a review of the day’s class work. The district provides guidelines on the amount
of time the homework should take for each grade level. Children should be able to complete the homework without
much assistance from you, the parent. If your child is struggling with homework, please arrange to meet with your
child’s teacher for a conference.

 All students should read every day. Set aside time when your child can read.

 Students at 186 th Street School should be in school uniform every day. The school has resources to provide students
with uniforms if they need them.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your classroom teacher at (310) 324-1153.

Here’s to a happy hootin’ second semester with improved student achievement. Hoot! Hoot! Hooray!

Marcia Sidney-Reed
P.S. Please support our academic plays for the remainder of the school year:
1. Encourage your wise owl to speak in complete sentences
2. Help your wise owl read 15 to 30 minutes every night
3. Help your wise owl practice keyboarding skills 15 to 30 minutes every night.
4. Remind your wise owl to be respectful at all times.