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Principal's Message

Soaring with America's Best Educators



Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our students are soaring in a positive, nurturing learning environment.  Everyday at our school is a day of new learning and pure excitement.  We are thriving as a school and a community.  Seeing our children excited about coming to school and learning each day brings great joy.  The school year is moving along rapidly.  Can you believe it is almost time for the Thanksgiving holiday and the winter break is just around the corner?  My, how time flies when you are having fun learning.  Yes, we are making great strides in addressing the academic learning standards in all grade levels.  I am visiting classrooms and seeing our teachers promote clear expectations through modeling lessons, monitoring our students’ progress, and maintaining high levels of expectations.  Join us in our quest to help all of our students reach their maximum learning potential.  When your children come home each day, ask them what they learned.  Please make sure they are reading at least 15 to 30 minutes each evening.  We are continuing our school wide reading campaign.  Make it family reading time!  Continue to stress the importance of making wise decisions and being a peacemaker and not a peace breaker.  We must work together to create a safe and optimal learning environment for all students.  We firmly believe every student has a right to learn and every teacher has a right to teach.


This month, let’s also focus on pedestrian safety.  The safety of our students and parents while crossing the streets close to our school is huge concern of our school.  Parents, please slow down when driving in a school zone, and keep your eyes wide open for children and parents who are crossing the street.  Please stop dropping your children off in the middle of the street.  Take a few extra minutes to pull to the curb and cross at the crosswalks.  Safety is all of our responsibility.  Let’s be wise pedestrians and careful drivers!


This month we will pause to give thanks and reflect upon the things we are thankful for.  In our reflecting, we will put our thanksgiving into action by giving to those who are in need with our canned food drive beginning the week of November 5th.  Our 186 Pennies campaign will begin on the week of November 11th and the purpose will be to make donations to build a water well for students in Africa. Having your child participate will allow our students to show their hearts of gold by giving


On behalf of the staff and students, I wish all of our families a blessed season of thanksgiving.  I thank you for the privilege of leading the 186th Street team. We are standing together to do what is best for our children.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your classroom teacher at (310) 324-1153.   Here’s to a happy, hootin’ time of thanksgiving.  Hoot!  Hoot!  Hooray!!!


Soaring to success,

Antonio Aguilar



P.S.  Please support our academic plays for the remainder of the school year:

  1. Encourage your wise owl to speak in complete sentences
  2. Help your wise owl read 15 to 30 minutes every night
  3. Help your wise owl practice keyboarding skills for 15 to 30 minutes every night
  4. Remind your wise owl to be respectful at all times