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Principal's Message

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Dear Parents and Guardians:


We are off to a great start for our new school year.  The students and teachers are happily engaged in the learning process.  While visiting classrooms, I have observed the magical moments of teaching and learning.  Our students are eager to learn new concepts, and our staff is enthusiastic about bringing learning to life. We are shaping America’s future by upholding high standards of discipline, clear expectations, and a rigorous curriculum that challenges our students to think, solve, and reflect.


We are making adjustments to classes to make sure our school is in compliance with the District and State mandates.  Some of our student may need to change classrooms. An investigation by the Office for Civil Rights in 2011-2012 found that the LAUSD did not properly follow Federal and State law mandates that require the District to provide services which include daily English language development (ELD) and access to the core curriculum for all ELs. The District entered into a Voluntary Agreement with the Office for Civil Rights and as a result revised the EL Master Plan, which was adopted in June 2012.  The Voluntary Agreement requires the District to ensure that ELs are provided access to standards-based ELD and content area instructional programs and places students in instructional settings to meet their language and academic needs. To ensure that the District complies with this agreement, school personnel must follow the policies described in this reference guide. Therefore, this month we will make classroom adjustments based on the guidelines of the Master Plan for English Language Learners and the Voluntary Agreement between LAUSD and the Office of Civil Rights.  We seek your patience and understanding as we go through a reorganization period that will affect several of our students.


As I look at other areas of concern and need for our school, I must ask you to please refrain from stopping your cars in the middle of the street to drop off and pick up your children, and please do not use the teacher’s parking lot for drop off and pick up.  These are both very dangerous practices, and we are very concerned with some parents putting their children in harm’s way.  Have your children cross the street at the crosswalks and please pull your cars over to the curb to pick up your children.  Parents who continue these unsafe practices will receive expensive tickets from the Harbor Police Department.  Let’s work to do a better job so that our school year will proceed with great success and continuous safety.  Also, please tell your child what they are to do after-school, before you send them to school.  The numerous calls to our office to give messages to the children are hindering our instructional program.  Please call the school to deliver messages to your child on an emergency basis.  We will be more than happy to assist you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your classroom teacher at (310) 324-1153. Here’s to a happy, hootin’ successful school year.  Hoot!  Hoot!  Hooray!!!


Soaring to success,


Antonio Aguilar